1G Straight Goods Tank



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Vape Cartridges from Straight Goods Supply Co. a brand new cannabis company based out of beautiful British Columbia , Canada.

  • 1 Gram (1000MG)
  • 95% Cannabis Distillate
  • 5% Organic Terpenes

These cartridges are filled with a THC distillate concentrate. The high concentration in Straight Goods’ THC Cartridges is made up of 95 percent THC Distillate and 5% natural terpenes. Cartridges use heat from a battery to vaporize the concentrate, which is then consumed by inhalation. This makes it the best weed vaporized in the industry that gets you high quickly and relaxes your mind and body.

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Squirt, Master Kush, Runtz, Wonder Woman, Dutch Treat, Lime Sorbet, Mango Haze

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