Cincopax Double Death Bubba Smalls



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Cannabis smalls, small nugs, or popcorn buds are small pieces of cannabis flower sold for smoking in joints, blunts, or bowls. Generally picked from the bottom of the plant where less light reaches.

Double Death Bubba is an Indica strain. The high THC content will take you into an almost death-like sleep moments after consuming it. A sudden wave of rushing energy will lift you up with a tendency to take you into the psychoactive experience. As you get higher, the strain will send you into an undisturbed sleep that will last for hours.

Death Bubba Strain boasts a range of close to 20-25% THC levels make it one of the potent cannabis strains that will knock you off. After a few puffs, there is a euphoric feeling that starts in your head, clearing your mind and lightening the mood.

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